Earlier this year, UK Award Winning Comedian and Actor Ricky Grover reached out to me to help begin putting the foundations in place to create a platform for those who live with issues of mental health.

Mental health is a key topic at the moment and rightly so. For many years, people have suffered in silence and that is now no longer acceptable. I do believe that we can use suffering to help us grow BUT when it goes the other way and we have people taking their own lives, something drastic needs to change.

When I fell into depression aged 26 in November 2000, I didn’t know who to turn to or how to express it. That created a deep anxiety beyond words BUT luckily I’ve always been able to speak on deeper issues even if it means someone turning up their nose at me or looking slightly freaked out.

Fast forward to 2019 and I’m now in the position work with Ricky and help drive forwards a platform to lift the lid on these nasty areas of the mind and collectively bring people together to support each other. Sometimes it just needs another person to spot something that’s raking at your soul and say the right thing at the right time. It doesn’t always require deep medical practice, just compassion.

With that in mind, Ricky and myself knocked a few ideas around and came up with the name NUTNAV – Navigate your mind to a brighter place.

Ricky will be heading up the platform and tapping into his network of high profile connections to help drive this forwards whilst I’m going to be in the background driving the technical side of things.

Introducing NutNav

NutNav is for people by people who truly understand anxiety and depression. Nut Nav is a platform to share ideas, thoughts and strategies to help combat anxiety and depression. We won’t bang on about statistics, if you’re reading this then the chances are you may still be looking for answers on how to cope with this dis-ease.

Our approach to anxiety and depression is open minded. We believe the term depression relates to a state of mind caused by a multitude of components that stack up and lock us into negative thought patterns.

Whilst there are common patterns such as upbringing, trauma, DNA etc that can cause depression – we believe each person is unique and individual.  Because of that, will have there own unique ‘stack’ of components in the their thought processes that lock them in. That unique stack is much like your fingerprint – they may all look similar – but are unique only to you.

Why NutNav?


This is a colloquial term referring to your head! Think, noggin, napper, bonce – whichever term suits, the point is that it’s the unhelpful stuff that goes on in our
heads on a daily basis that needs exposure, it’s all about your reality vs the actuality – the way we all shape our world.


This is a journey, and like all journey’s you need to know where you want to go and how to navigate there. Without a destination you may end up driving around in circles on a dark road, lost and frustrated.

We want to build a global community of people who are willing and able to tackle depression head on, sharing our experiences together to support you in navigating your way to a better place in your mind, where the days are brighter and you can see the darkness for what it is.

A place where you can dip in and out and hopefully discover something thought provoking that will navigate your mindset if you’re in a jam and having a bad day.

Our goal for 2019 is to begin putting the foundations in place to create a platform where you can express what depression is for you. Together, we can formulate new ways of supporting each other on our journey and hopefully gain new insights into our own personal struggles, growth and long term positive change.

Mental Health, depression and anxiety doesn’t discriminate, it effects all of us irrespective of social position, class, race or gender. One thing is for sure, in a world of divide, as human beings we have far more in common with each other than most of us would believe.
As we move forward, we will look at hosting events to help us all connect, unite and build strong communities – we are only getting started.

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