Back in December last year, one of the greatest parts of my childhood came screaming back to the big screen with Force Awakens. Two stand out points for me were the ‘Falcon flies again’ scene and Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role of Han Solo.


Ford carried the movie from the moment he stepped onto the Falcon until he met his demise on Starkiller Base. It was also a chance to introduce my little girl to the Star Wars universe. Since then and with the release of Star Wars Battlefront PLUS my visit to Star Wars Celebration Europe this summer, it’s fair to say my Star Wars buzz has kicked back in. I’m back online looking for all things SW inspired from leaked photos of Episode 8 and this years Rogue One to props and locations.

Ford carried the movie from the moment he stepped onto the Falcon until he met his demise on Starkiller Base

Whilst searching online one night I came across a company called Matchless London who have secured the rights to produce their own jackets inspired by Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. Naturally when I spotted the Matchless stall at Star Wars Celebration Europe, I just had to try on the Solo Jacket. At the £800 only for that day quoted to me I must admit I was tempted although how could I justify spending that much on a jacket in front of my wife and daughter!

Nevertheless, after the gentlemen on the stall suggested I try on the XL size I found I had to go another size up as Italian sizes come up smaller. So XXL it was and it felt spot on!

Star Wars Fashion

Matchless Solo Jacket


The craftsmanship, style, fit and of course the fact it’s in a Star Wars movie had me sold. The only sticking point was the price. I walked away promising myself I’d get it if I could hit a few targets with my business. A few days later I was looking at the costs online and was absolutely buzzing when I see the last one in stock on a certain website for sale at less than half price!

Mistake or not I jumped at the chance, got it delivered a few days later and couldn’t resist having a quick pose and selfie session. Love it! so much so I’ve used it as my profile shot for this website and my other social channels.

I am now a full fledged Matchless London afficianado  – currently with my eye also on the Craig jacket they designed, based on the one Daniel Craig wore in Spectre.

If you’ve not heard of Matchless London before and you’re into your classic sharp styles then do check them out.

Also take a look at the Matchless London Star Wars collection launch here!

May the f…ok I won’t.

See you soon!

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