Grace takes silver!

OK so a few months back I posted about my much needed return to Jiu-Jitsu  at Gracie Barra Cheshunt as my quest to move on in life continues.

8 weeks in and with a couple of the usual bumps and bruises along with a hyper extended arm, I’m glad to report I’m loving it! Yes, I ache at times but it’s a bloody nice ache. It means I can rest after my classes without getting caught up in feelings of life passing me by whilst I do nothing. Actually I’ve a few benefits to report, I’m feeling stronger, fitter and most of all; humbled.
You see the issue with being stuck in depression (yes I dance daily with the black dog), is that I’ve often consoled myself with thoughts of what I could have been if certain things never happened.  Whilst being pissed at the past holds a certain justification to a point, hanging on to it means you corrode any chance of the presents attempt to demonstrate it’s power for a new lease of life.
The rage and frustration I was carrying now has a platform to release itself and BJJ serves as a great reality check. Once you’ve had your arse handed to you on a plate a few times via the medium of getting caught in an arm bar, choke or kimura, it helps bring you back down to earth with a ‘welcome back to life’ thump.
What I love about this place though are the people, down to earth, willing to take the time to teach you but also more than willing to go full tilt when it’s game on. The classes are made up of regular guys who love to roll to the more full Pro MMA fighter which means you get a real varied and challenging work out.
Gracie Barra Cheshunt is run by former Cage Rage Fighter Wessley Johnson. I knew Wessley from a few years back when I worked on promoting his WFC MMA Events so when I was looking to get back into martial arts he was my first port of call.

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