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So I’m returning to the matts tomorrow for the first time in over 5 years. I’m sick and tired of waiting and bullshitting myself into procrastination. I’ve had a pretty rough time this past 16 years with depression but I’ve allowed it to beat me into unfulfilled expectations and false self promises, dabbling in various activities, just enough to keep the rage at bay. (although not always succeeding!) 
In between trying to make sense of life (you mad!), raising a family and starting my own design business I’ve been thinking overly long and unnecessarily hard about starting my own blog. Constantly seeking to get heard but trying to manufacture stuff that will get me noticed, weary of the fact that being a depressed melt can be rather off putting – trust me, I’m determined not to let that happen!

Anyway, what’s also given me a much needed kick up the arse is that my 9 year old daughter Grace has been going for the last month and it making storming progress – already submitting kids older and more experienced than her. Proud dad alert!

Sometimes we meets kids here who just pick things up really quick and show a true natural talent...and she's certainly got it!. - Raphael - Gracie Barra, Cheshunt

So as it approaches midnight and I have my GI packed and ready to get soaked in angst and sweat, I bid you farewell for now on this opening post of my blog….. stand up and be counted! 


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